Diabetes – Get Tested!

The National Kidney Foundation is pleased that the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently updated its screening recommendation and now, for the first time, recommends screening for prediabetes and referral to diabetes prevention programs, in addition to screening for undiagnosed diabetes.  Patients with the following characteristics are now eligible for a screening with no cost-sharing:

  • Age 40 to 70 years old, and are overweight or obese
  • Have 1 or more of these characteristics (regardless of age or weight):
  • A history of gestational diabetes or polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Family history of diabetes
  • African American, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, or Asian American or Pacific Islander

Beginning in 2017

Private health plans are required to cover screening for prediabetes and diabetes at no cost to patients. In addition, insurers will be required to cover diabetes prevention programs at no cost to patients because the guideline states that clinicians should offer or refer patients with prediabetes to intensive behavioral counseling interventions to promote a healthful diet and physical activity.

Beginning in 2018

Medicare will begin covering diabetes prevention programs for eligible beneficiaries at risk for type 2 diabetes starting January 1, 2018.