CNNT Elections

2023 CNNT Elections

Nominations open September 1, 2022

Open Positions


The Chair-Elect position is a 3-year term: one year as Chair-Elect, one year as Chair, and one year as Immediate Past Chair. This position is multifaceted, with each year having specific duties leading the Council and overseeing its projects.

The Chair-Elect must have previously served on the Executive Committee at any time in the past. As Chair-Elect, duties include serving on the Awards, Membership and Clinical Meeting Committees during the first year, assuming the Chair position in the event of a vacancy, other duties as assigned. During this first year, the Chair-Elect will receive orientation to the Chair duties.

The Chair presides over all CNNT Executive Committee meetings and coordinates the Executive Committee members to accomplish the goals of the NKF and the Council. In addition, the Chair coordinates the Directors-at-Large, and appoints Executive Committee members to select positions as needed.  

Following the two years as Chair-Elect and Chair, the Immediate Past Chair will lead the following committees: Nominations, Research Grant, Elections and Bylaws and will serve as a mentor for the Chair.


Director-at-Large (2 open positions)

The Director-at-Large shall serve on committees within the Council as assigned by the Chair to promote the goals of the Council, serve on committees of the National Kidney Foundation as appointed by the Chair, and be responsible for communication, awards, nominations, education, research and community/patient services.

The term of office is two (2) years.